Best Basketball Shoes Under $200

3 Best Basketball Shoes Under $200 to Get in 2024

The game of basketball has grown in overall appeal since the late 90s. After Michael Jordan retired from the Bulls (for the second time) in 1998, the league experienced a phase of several years where the league and fans became uncertain about the product.

But with the global rise to stardom of players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, basketball has grown into much more than a sport. And with the Internet boom and the need to feel connected to all things NBA, the sport has also gained fashion and pop culture.

So, when you buy the latest basketball shoes, you are not just buying shoes to wear during a game. You buy statement pieces, which are not always cheap.

Of course, you can buy a nice pair of basketball shoes for between $75 and $100 to get you through the season. Or, you can go all out. This article is for those who want to do it all. We cover the best basketball shoes under $200 that you can easily buy. Let’s not waste any more time!

Who Should Get This

These sneakers are ideal for those who want to look and perform well on the court. And since all of these shoes are well over $100 a pair, your budget shouldn’t have too low a ceiling.

These days, basketball shoes are as much about style as they are about performance on the court.

I review each sneaker assuming that you will wear it to play at a high level, but there is a good chance that most may be rocking it in the club and not just on the court.

If you want a decent pair of sneakers to play basketball in and nothing else, then this list might not be helpful. But you never know.

It’s always good to see what the best of the best look like when you’re ready to pull the trigger on your dream sneakers.

What To Consider

Yes, performance is huge when it comes to which sneaker you choose to play in. Basketball is no joke, and playing in a poorly reviewed shoe can be the difference between high-level comfort and potential injury.

Style is important, but it’s not the only thing when you buy these expensive sneakers.


Comfort should be key in anything athletic-related, especially what you decide to wear on your feet. When you put on your sneakers, pay attention to how they feel around your heel, when you walk and run in them and when you move sideways (side-to-side).


The ability to stop on a dime and quickly go in another direction is most of what you do on the basketball court.

The key to getting to your defender is quickness, not speed, and having a sneaker that allows you to stop, stay balanced, and otherwise elevate your game.


You want to feel safe in your sneakers, but you also don’t want to feel like you’re playing in a pair of hiking boots.

Good materials help ensure that your feet can make the necessary movements on the court while not completely blowing out of your shoes.


So, I said style doesn’t matter, but this is a little important.

Our Top Picks

Please note that due to COVID-19, some items may be unavailable and prices may change slightly by the time you read this article.

1. Nike Kyrie 6s

The Kyrie 6s are a great option when you’re willing to shell out a few extra dollars. You will get your money’s worth with this one. They look great, and Kyrie’s signature shoes always have a solid reputation for high performance and durability.

The ability to lace it higher on the shoe also gives you the option to either add more ankle support or loosen it on your foot depending on your playing style.

What we like:

  • Beautiful design.
  • Built to last.
  • lightweight.

What we don’t like:

  • Can walk a little small. Get your hands on some and try them before you buy.

2. Jordan Courtside 23

As a huge fan of (almost) everything Jordan Brand has released for basketball sneaks, this pair does not disappoint. I love their look because it feels like an older version of the Jordan sneaker.

The old-school colors are a perfect combination of style and substance and I’ve always been a fan of an adjustable strap on my sneakers for extra ankle support.

What we like:

  • The design! It feels like 1989 again!
  • The adjustable ankle strap for extra ankle and foot support.
  • It’s a solid shoe in all the right areas, but not restrictive.

What we don’t like:

  • Their lack of arch support can be a problem for some athletes.

3. Nike KD 8

KDs are what I wear and I couldn’t be happier with them. Their height is a big factor in my satisfaction, planted somewhere in the middle right between low-top and high-top but unlike any mid-top sneaker I’ve ever tried.

They run a little small, but that’s an easy fix once you’re aware. They also feature a patented Nike Zoom air bubble for extra cushioning. The other plus point of these models is the feeling of complete security for your foot while playing in them.

What we like:

  • The sneaker’s style and color scheme are very sleek.
  • The added Zoom air bubble cushion.
  • Lightweight with great traction instantly elevates your game.

What we don’t like:

  • Some complaints of stiffness at first, but it seems to subside after wearing it.

Helpful Tips And Resources

Basketball sneakers have evolved so much over the years with player safety and comfort being the biggest benefactors of modern sneaker improvements.

Even though sneakers are created with foot and ankle support as one of their top priorities, you can never go wrong adding another level of support to your foot. The best way to do this is by investing in a good pair of ankle braces.

this McDavid Ankle strap surpasses all the rest. With thousands of positive experiences documented and the backing of a reputable company like McDavid, you really can’t go wrong buying it.

Peace of mind can be a great thing to have while playing basketball because it takes the anxiety and worry of injury off your plate, leaving the game as the most important thing on your mind.

Final Words

The basketball sneaker industry blossomed into something no one thought was possible during the Converse Chuck Taylor era.

Some are style over substance, but as we covered today, some of the most iconic players of our time have produced excellent quality sneakers for your own enjoyment.

You can’t go wrong with our three picks, so now the only question is: which one will you end up choosing?

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