biggest shoe size in the NBA

Who Has The Biggest Shoe Size In The NBA History

The NBA has seen many great players over the years, but some have made an impact simply because of their shoe size. The average shoe size for an NBA player is around size 13, but there are a few players whose shoe size is larger than average. These players not only require special custom-made shoes, but their larger size can also give them an advantage on the court.

In this article, we will explore some of the players with the Biggest Shoe Size In NBA history, including some of the challenges they face and how their shoe size may have influenced their game.

From Shaquille O’Neal to Bob Lanier, these players have left their mark on the NBA not only with their skills but also with their larger-than-life feet. So, let’s take a closer look at the players with the biggest shoe sizes in the NBA and the impact their feet had on the game.

Basketball is dominated by giant, rock-like athletes. The fact that NBA players have some of the largest feet in the world is not surprising.

In this post, we will shed some light on the NBA players with the largest shoe sizes.

Who Has The Biggest Shoe Size In The NBA History

Because it affects what position an NBA player can play and how well he can shoot contested shots, fans and commentators place a lot of emphasis on a player’s height. Even though a player’s wingspan is important to his game, many people overlook an athlete’s foot size. Typically, it is a meaningless statistic, and the size of a basketball player’s feet has no bearing whatsoever on how well he plays.

However, following Game 7 of the 2021 Eastern Conference Semifinals, when Kevin Durant’s foot was just an inch above the three-point line, spectators began to pay greater attention to NBA players’ foot sizes. The shot that everyone initially believed to be the game-winning three-pointer turned out to be a long two-pointer that forced overtime.

Shaquille O’Neal

15-time All-Star Shaq is renowned for his superhuman build and penchant for living a custom-made lifestyle. He wants everything, from his automobiles to his house shower, adapted to his size because he is 7’1″ tall and has enormous hands and feet. He shares the record for the highest shoe size in NBA history, despite not being the tallest player to ever play in the league.

O’Neal is aware of how difficult it might be to find things in life that fit him. In reality, Shaq, who was in a similar circumstance when he was younger, bought the high school student 10 pairs of shoes in 2019 after learning that he was having trouble finding shoes that fit.

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Bob Lanier

Bob Lanier’s shoe size at age 11 was already an 11. When he made the decision to attempt basketball for the first time, a coach dismissed him, saying that his feet would make him clumsy. Lanier’s biology instructor, however, saw that he had strong physical qualities and urged him to return to the basketball court.

He earned an MVP Award and averaged 10.1 rebounds and 20.1 points per game throughout the course of his 15-year NBA career. And his shoes swelled enormously, reaching a size 22. To demonstrate to spectators just how enormous Lanier’s feet were, one of his shoes was even put on exhibit in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid has succeeded in making a name for himself in the NBA throughout the course of his long career. Joel Embiid is unquestionably one of the NBA’s tallest players at 7’2″.

After making his NBA debut six years prior, Joel Embiid received his first-ever shoe contract in 2020. The Embiids are currently among the most effective silhouettes on the market, thus the deal proved to be a significant one.

The Joel Embiid 1 is a basketball shoe made especially for large men, including layers of lightweight mesh, strategic Micro G technology, and UA HOVR. The Embiid 1 enables large guys to respond quickly and efficiently by fusing all three of these technologies.

Tacko Fall

Senegalese professional basketball player Elhadji Tacko Serigne Diop Fall, who spent the whole 2021 season with the Boston Celtics, signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers on September 27. Fall, who stands at 7 feet 6 inches, has the largest feet in the NBA. He wears a shoe size 22, matching those of the departed Shaquille O’Neal, the only other player in that category.

Fall is one of the tallest people alive right now and the tallest NBA player right now. His stature set NBA records for the highest standing reach, the largest wingspan (8-foot-2.25), and the tallest height in shoes (7-foot-7) (10-foot-2.5).

Antony Davis

The Brow is one of the NBA’s most imposing centers because of his aggressiveness and remarkable frame. It’s not difficult to picture the 7-foot-tall giant wearing a size 18 shoe.

Anthony Davis eventually signed with the LA Lakers after a relatively lengthy and fruitful time with the newly formed New Orleans Pelicans. With the new contract, Davis would now rank among the NBA’s highest-paid players.

Anthony Davis performed admirably in his first season with the Lakers, as was to be anticipated.

Anthony Davis averaged 27.7 points and 9.7 rebounds per game in his debut season with the LA Lakers. Despite having a contract with Nike, Anthony Davis has not yet received his trademark sneakers.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant, perhaps one of the finest scorers in NBA history, is a player who doesn’t require an introduction. Kevin Durant, who is 6 feet 10 inches tall, wears size 18, the seventh largest shoe size in NBA history.

In a battle of the brands between Under Armour and Nike in 2014, Kevin Durant came out on top. The end outcome was a 300 million dollars, 10-year contract.

Due to Durant’s new contract, one of the most popular shoe shapes ever made was his distinctive KD style. Rich Kleiman, Kevin Durant’s business partner, claims that China outsold North America in terms of sales of KD’s basketball shoes.

At 26 million dollars, Kevin Durant’s shoe contract is still the third-highest NBA deal ever after LeBron James and Michael Jordan’s.

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DeAndre Jordan

You shouldn’t be shocked that Jordan wears a size 18 shoe given his height. Jordan has a solid reputation as a productive scorer, a superb defender, a wonderful teammate, and a team leader. In four seasons, he has averaged over two blocks per game, and from 2014 to 2017, he had three straight seasons with a field goal percentage of at least 70%.

Some refer to Jordan, who is nearing the conclusion of his career, as the Brooklyn Nets’ most costly “friend” because he inked a $40M deal with the team. Many people also think that the Brooklyn Nets’ decision to sign him as a player had a significant impact on their decision to sign free agents Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

Dwight Howard

Howard wears size 18 shoes. He has a lifetime average of 12.4 rebounds per game and is a fervent rebounder. During his heyday with the Orlando Magic, when he earned an MVP award and guided the club to the NBA Finals, Dwight’s statistics aren’t what they once were. He has been unable to play with power as a style of play since his game does not fit the pace and space of the present era, but he was once a deadly force with some of the biggest feet in the league.

Robin Lopez

Robin Lopez, who is 7 feet tall, undoubtedly has large bones, which accounts for his size 20 footwear. Robin Lopez appreciates using his footwear to make a statement because he is one of the flashiest NBA players.

Although Lopez enjoys maintaining a glitzy lifestyle, his career has been steadily declining.

Ruben Lopez has been only an average player since making his NBA debut back in 2008.

Robin Lopez has only been able to average 8.8 points and 5 rebounds in more than 900 games throughout the regular season.

Robin Lopez was beyond average, yet he still managed to play in the NBA for more than 13 years. Robin Lopez is a player that currently does not have a shoe deal, unlike the majority of the other players on this list.

Many years ago, Robin Lopez was just about to sign a shoe deal with the world’s largest shoe company, Adidas. The transaction did not, however, go through.

What is the NBA’s largest shoe size?

People with large bodies and towering heights play basketball as a team, which makes them better than the typical athlete in other sports. Most players in professional leagues, notably in the NBA, are above six feet tall, making for an amazing spectacle as you watch teams compete on the floor.

Males’ shoe sizes are inversely correlated with height, especially after puberty. Males who are lower or medium height often have larger feet than taller men.

Taco Fall is one of the tallest people alive today and the tallest player to ever compete in the NBA. He is a Senegalese professional basketball player who was not selected in the 2019 NBA Draft. He was a member of the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers. He is presently a member of the Utah Jazz’s Summer League roster.

Final Thoughts

After discussing the individuals described above, it is difficult to argue that a player’s foot size is a guarantee of success on the basketball court. We talked about the shoes worn by a number of previous MVPs and Hall of Famers, both present and future. Perhaps having big feet has a bigger impact on success than we realise.

Which pair of footwear do you think is the biggest you have ever seen in person? Please share your opinions in the comments below.

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