Greatest College Basketball Players

The 10 Greatest College Basketball Players of All Time

Everyone falls in love with the excitement and thrill of the NCAA Tournament. It is also the starting point for the best faces who can make their mark while playing in the NBA.

Young actors are one of the factors that attract the audience. If a player has a great college career, he will have a great starting point later on.

The ranking of shiny faces has also gradually become a topic of discussion in the fan community. who are The best college basketball players Forever?

In this article, We will give his opinion with a list of the top 10 most-rated college basketball players. Let’s find out who they are!

List of the best college basketball players

Several factors go into making this list. We review the accomplishments of every player throughout college basketball history. National Championship, Big Ten Title, Or NCAA/ ACC Player of the Year are also notable factors. Here is a list of the greatest college basketball players of all time.

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10. Elvin Hayes-Houston (1966-1968)

In 1966, he became Houston’s first African-American basketball player. Elvin Hayes, He NCAA a successful career leading the team to the Final Four over the next two seasons.

His stats are impressive. He has five NCAA Tournament games with 20 rebounds and eight games with 25 points. These numbers are comparable to those of Jerry West and Bill Russell.

The matchup between Hayes, Lou Alcinder, and UCLA still leaves a deep impression today as Houston halted UCLA’s 47-game winning streak. In 1968, he was named Player of the Year.

9. Magic Johnson – Michigan State (1978-1979)

Earvin “Magic” Johnson became a star and began competing for profit, signally in the NCAA under Michigan State in just two seasons. This rapid advancement inspired the college basketball world that followed.

Point guard Johnson had two great seasons with the Spartans, especially his sophomore season. He led a lackluster college basketball team to a national championship game victory over Sycamore in 1979.

With the help of talented forward Greg Kelzer, Johnson was given ample space to showcase his talents. This matchup is still one of the legendary matchups when the opposing team acquired another star, Larry Bird.

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8. Larry Bird – Indiana State (1977-1979)

Larry Bird has been a bona fide superstar since his junior season, not just the exciting nickname of “Hick French Lick.”

With his participation, the Sycamores experienced the feeling of reaching the pinnacle and reaching the top spot of participating in the NCAA Championship Game. The former Hoosiers’ style of play is, sadly, at odds with head coach Bobby Knight’s direction.

The bird was found in the state of Indiana. This college player averaged 30 points, 13 rebounds, and three steals per college game.

The 1979 matchup between the “Magic and Bird” was a precursor to what would later change the culture of NCAA basketball.

7. Wilt Chamberlain-Kansas (1956-1958)

From his first NCAA Tournament appearance, Wilt Chamberlain rocked the tournament with record numbers that no one would have imagined in a freshman. He had 31 rebounds and 52 points in his first game against Kansas.

Overcoming racism and doubts surrounding talent, Chamberlain advanced to the national championship game. Their rival, North Carolina State, is extremely cautious with him and has always carefully “tended” this star.

Although Kansas lost after three extra innings, Chamberlain’s performance earned him Player of the Year honors.

6. Jerry West – West Virginia (1957-1960)

West Virginia brought us a leading scorer – Jerry West. Not only does he have an iconic outline in the NBA tournament, but he also has an impressive playing stat. West averaged 25 points and 13 rebounds while playing for the Mountaineers in the NCAA Tournament.

He nearly clinched the national title in 1959 against Berkeley. They took a six-point lead in the first half but lost 71-70 in the final minutes.

West did his job well, scoring 28 points and 48% from the free-throw line.

5. Oscar Robertson-Cincinnati (1957-1960)

Living up to his title, the Big O has consistently excelled. Oscar Robertson’s stats are strong, averaging 15 rebounds and seven assists in his collegiate career. Robertson averaged nearly 34 points per game.

In his three seasons with Cincinnati, Big O was the owner of three consensus National Player of the Year titles. That alone is enough to know about his incredible playing field.

There may not be more players in NCAA Tournament history who have accomplished a triple-double than Robertson. He is third on the list of players who scored the most points in a match with 56 points.

4. Bill Walton-UCLA (1971-1974)

UCLA It’s a massive empire in the NCAA Tournament with accomplishments that few college basketball teams can match. This NCAA Tournament team has an outstanding roster of players and the innovative leadership of a legendary head coach.

One of the prominent faces of the Bruins at that time was Bill Walton. He is one of the best passing centers in NCAA history.

During his tenure, Walton led UCLA to their empire while dominating the NCAA Tournament for a long time. He is the leader of two 30-0 teams, totaling 88 wins. Two consecutive NCAA championships in 1972 and 1973 led to Walton’s impact.

In the 1973 Finals against Memphis State, this player of the year hit 21 of 22 shots and scored 44 points. This number remains the most insurmountable barrier in college basketball history.

3. Bill Russell – San Francisco (1953-1956)

Bill Russell’s accomplishments are fully deserving of his third place on the list. Since his rookie season, this reliable center has proven to be a bulwark in any lineup he’s been in.

A season ago there were many great players, but then there was a dip in form. What sets Russell apart is his consistency throughout the NCAA Tournament.

He was the first college basketball player to have the NCAA widen the free-throw lane twelve feet to reduce dominance. With optimal fitness and incredible strength, no one can doubt Bill Russell’s resilience.

Bill Russell had two national titles with the USF Dons in 1955 and 1956. After being selected in the NBA draft, he started a new era with the Boston Celtics with 11 NBA championships.

2. Pete Maravich-LSU (1968-1970)

Second, on the list of greatest college basketball players is “Pistol” Pete Maravich. During his college basketball career, Maravich averaged 44.2 points per game. True to his name, his throws are incredibly accurate and fast.

Another fact you should notice is that there is no appearance of the three-point line at this point. Had Maravich been allowed to join the varsity team in his freshman season, he could have scored more points.

Although he only started appearing in his senior season, he was still named to three All-American teams. The scoring record alone proves that “Pistol” is one of the most important point guards in college basketball.

1. Lew Alcindor-UCLA (1967-1969)

Lew Alcindor is UCLA’s hero and has written a great history for this NCAA team. He is fully qualified to be The greatest college basketball player of all time.

He also owes the Bruins’ amazing 47-game winning streak to him. After a surprise loss to Houston in 1968, Alcindor’s form dipped somewhat. He averaged just 26.2 points per game.

Alcindor’s record is still outstanding. This college player won three NCAA championships during his time in the competition. He was also the player of the year in all three of those seasons.

With three consensus All-American selections, no one deserves the title of greatest college basketball player of all time except Alcindor.

His miracles don’t stop at the NCAA. After joining the NBA and changing his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, he took the Lakers to the next level.

Honorable Mention: Ralph Sampson

The Cavaliers’ center is a name we can’t ignore. Along with Bill Walton, he has won three Naismith Awards as National Player of the Year.

Sampson was also the owner of the NIT title in 1980. He and his team reached the NCAA Final Four in 1981. In 1983, Sampson and Virginia continued in the NCAA Elite Eight.

Final thoughts

All high-profile college basketball players during their NCAA competition are future stars of the NBA. So they got a lot of attention and interest from the public and fans.

The list we provide is likely to change soon as new stars emerge. Let’s wait and see who will be the brightest face in the upcoming NCAA tournament.

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