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Three world records for highest vertical jump ever

Jumping seems like a simple act. For professional athletes, jumping is a complex process that requires different techniques. They always try to take advantage of every factor to add a few inches to their jump. In this article, let’s join us and Learn about three world records Highest vertical jump forever

Who set the record for the highest vertical jump?

The official NBA record for the highest vertical jump is 65 inches. This vertical platform jump was done by Brett Williams in 2019.

Before that, the world record was held by Ivan Anker. In 2016, Evan Unger jumped 63.5 inches.

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In trying to find this answer, we made a vertical jump. Other jumping methods can affect the results of vertical jumps. So, we’ll look at three ways, including:

  • Platform jump.
  • Standing jump.
  • Running jump.

Each of these methods differs in how the athlete executes the jump. Therefore, do not compare their results with each other.

Highest vertical jump

Different jumping methods can affect the results of vertical jumps.

This article will refer to Guinness World Records, NBA Draft Combine Results, and NFL Scouting Combine Results. Players from the NBA and NFL have performed the most important jumps in the world. Therefore, these results are completely reliable.

Let’s explore the world’s highest vertical jump.

World record for platform vertical jump

For the platform jump, the highest vertical jump ever is 65 inches.

To perform the platform jump, you need to prepare a pedestal and try to jump on it. This method will give you better results than the above two methods.

Who has the highest vertical in the world?

According to official information, the highest platform vertical jump world record is 65 inches. The world record holder is Brett Williams.

In 2019, he set this vertical jump world record. Before that, the world record holder was Ivan Unker. In 2016, he had a vertical jump of 63.5 inches.

He also jumped 62 inches in this video. Highest jump ever.

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Unofficial records

Before Brett Williams set up World record vertical jump some thought it was Kevin Bania who broke the world record with a jump of 64.44 inches. Unfortunately, not many people know about his jump record.

Record for Standing Vertical Jump

1. Guinness World Record for Standing Vertical Jump

Currently, the Guinness World Record for Standing Vertical Jump is 46 inches (116.8400 cm).

Highest vertical jump

Standing vertical jump.

This method involves jumping from a standing position. You can also call it no-step vertical. In general, this is the most common method of measuring the standing vertical jump. This allows you to achieve the most accurate results in your jump.

To better understand the standing vertical jump, you can see Video.

2. Official NBA record for standing vertical jump

The official NBA record for standing vertical jump is 39.5″

Nick Young and Kenny Gregory are the owners of this NBA Vertical jump record. Specifically, both players had the highest vertical jump in the NBA at 39.5″. We took these numbers from the 2001 and 2007 NBA combined results.

NBA record for standing vertical jump

Nick Young’s maximum vertical leap is 39.5 inches (100.3 cm).

However, we also have to mention DJ Stephens when it comes to the NBA’s highest vertical. DJ Stephens is believed by many to have had a standing vertical jump of 40 inches (101.6000 cm). However, we could not find any information to confirm this. This result is not available on the official NBA Draft Combine website.

3. Official NFL record for standing vertical jump

The official NFL record for standing vertical jump is 46 inches (101.6 cm).

Gerald Sensabaugh holds the NFL record for standing in the vertical jump. According to the results of the 2005 NFL Combine, his highest vertical jump was 46 inches. There is no denying that this NFL player’s rushing ability is usually excellent.

Gerald Lind Sensabaugh Jr. is an American former football player. Gerald played for the Dallas Cowboys.


Record for running vertical jump

1. Guinness World Record for Running Jump

For this method, the highest vertical jump is 45.5 inches.

The result of this method is a combination of two factors. They are a measure of your standing reach and a measure of your jump after a quick run.

The running technique of the players is different. This will affect the result of the vertical jump. The farther you run, the higher you jump. Therefore, the running jump does not produce the same results as the above method.

For the NBA, running momentum is limited to 1 or 2 steps,

2. Official NBA Record for Running Vertical Jump

The NBA record for the vertical jump is 45.5 inches (115.5 cm).

Kenny Gregory holds the record for the NBA’s highest vertical jump.

According to the results of the 2001 NBA Combine, he developed a vertical jump of 45.5 inches. However, according to some unofficial information, player DJ Stephens has reached 46 inches. However, we could not find any information related to this on the official NBA Draft Combine website.

The max vertical leap of Kenny Gregory

Kenny Gregory’s maximum vertical leap is 45.5 inches (115.5 cm).

3. Official NFL Record for Running Vertical Jump: N/A

The NFL Combine does not test the vertical jump using this method.

Therefore, we do not have specific figures for this part. That means since 2005, no one has broken Kenny Gregory’s record of 45.5 inches vertical jump. According to NBA Draft results, the highest running vertical jump is 45.5 inches, while the highest standing vertical jump is 39.5 inches. These records are spaced 6 inches apart.

We can confirm that the height of the running vertical jump is usually higher than the standing vertical jump. The same goes for the NFL Combine. That means the unofficial NFL record for a running jump is about 52 inches.

4. Unofficial records

The unofficial record of 49.5 inches is held by Jordan Kilgannon. He’s a dunker. In 2016, Jordan Kilgannon’s appearance at the NBA All-Star Weekend left a lasting impression on many people.

highest vertical jump

The Highest vertical jump It’s Jordan Kilgannon 49.5 inches.

On the other hand, the Highest vertical jump Kadur Siani is 56 inches. As a noted professional dunker, Kadur Siani has many years of experience in dunking. In our opinion, his best attribute is his high jump and quick hands.

However, Kadur Siani’s record originates from unofficial information. So, this number can remain a secret. You can see Video to see how high he can jump.

Why do NBA players jump lower than NFL players?

Through the article above, we can see the difference in results between the NFL and NBA Combine. You will find that NFL players jump higher than NBA players.

You might think that NBA players have the upper hand in the high jump. You are not mistaken. The high jump is one of the factors that determine whether or not a person makes it to the NBA.

However, on the vertical jump test, NFL players tend to score higher.

Why do NBA players jump lower than NFL players?

Why do NBA players jump lower than NFL players?

The most important reason is their training method. NFL players typically play four rounds, each lasting 12 minutes. Therefore, they usually spend a lot of time on endurance training.

They should do explosive exercises involving ball handling and running. That’s why they can dance so well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Lionel Marshall can jump high, can’t he?

The short answer is yes.

He is a Cuban professional volleyball player. I do a lot of amazing vertical jumps. His highest vertical jump is claimed by many to be 50 inches.

2. Is 60 inches vertical possible?

The short answer is yes. However, very few people can do that. This article showed that Brett Williams’s vertical jump Reaches a height of 65 inches.

3. Is 30 inches vertical good?

A 30-inch vertical is an impressive feat for a high school athlete. Generally, they have a vertical jump of 22 to 26 inches. A good jump can be up to 32 inches.

4. Is a 50-inch vertical possible for NBA players?

maybe! However, not many players achieve that vertical jump. Many players cannot even jump 40 inches.

5. Is The dog a woman 40 inches vertical?

It seems impossible! The fact is that 40 inches of vertical are a challenge for men.

6. How can I do a better vertical jump?

To improve your jumping, you need to practice endurance exercises regularly. Also, you need to execute an Excellent vertical jump.

Most importantly, you must be consistent. Over time, your vertical jumping technique will improve.


Hopefully, you can better understand the vertical jump methods and who owns them Highest vertical jump Through this article. So far, there is no international competition for the vertical jump. So, we worked hard to come up with reliable numbers. Let’s look forward to new records in the future!

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