How To Get Better At Basketball

A complete guide on how to get better at basketball

Playing basketball is not a skill you can master in an instant. Even professional basketball players have to spend a lot of time training every day.

However, if you are a beginner or young basketball player and want to master the basic steps to improve your skills, The article below will guide you.

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How to get better at basketball at home? Let’s read on to find out

How to get better at basketball

To play basketball well, you must know some basic basketball skills. The first step is always important to understand the movements that are often used in competition.

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1. Master your ball-handling skills

To become a better player, the first thing you need to do is develop strong basketball dribbling skills. Start with simple dribbling drills and master your skills.

It helps if you start practicing with a centered athletic position. Keep your nose behind your toes and loaded hips so you don’t lean forward. Balance is the key to effective basketball handling.

Begin moving the ball around your body in a static, athletic position. Don’t hesitate to dribble hard to the side of your foot when handling the ball.

A bounce height should be maintained between your knees and hips for better control. Practice that sweet spot a few times, then start dribbling. This ensures that you keep the ball within your bounds to score better.

To gain more ball control, you need to exert more power after each dribble. We recommend practicing two-handed dribbling every day until you master your dribbling skills.

Also, note the three basic basketball skills: midfoot, back, and crossovers.

You need to combine or create new dribbles based on these basic moves in a basketball game. It is important to make sure you understand this step thoroughly before moving on to other steps.

Check out this video for a definitive guide on How to get better at dribbling basketball.

2. Identify and fix your weak spots

Once you play basketball, you will have a clear idea of ​​your abilities. Set aside a certain amount of time each day to evaluate your performance. Generally, it takes five to ten minutes to think about and list all your strengths and weaknesses on paper.

Figuring out your weaknesses will help you determine which basketball drills you should practice. For example, if you have trouble at the free-throw line, increase your free throw practice next time.

To become an elite basketball court player, you need to identify and eliminate your mistakes to perfect all aspects of your game.

3. Practice at a game-time pace

Most basketball players perform better in solo practice than they do in basketball games. The main reason for this dip in form is that the pressure of time and the pace of the game sometimes overwhelms you.

If you want to shine in practice games but are bad at shooting and dribbling in real matches, you won’t be able to keep up with the speed of the game. When practicing or playing one-on-one, imagine defensive players covering you. This will help you a lot to keep up with the pace of the current game.

Opposing defenders won’t wait until you finish a dribble or try to find the perfect throw distance to the basketball hoop. If you want to practice shooting, assume that you have a lot of opponents around you. Those who hesitate to practice cannot perform well in real situations. It would be good to remember that.

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4. Improve your fitness

You cannot improve your basketball skills if you are not fit. Whether you are a defensive player or an offensive player, fitness is essential to keep a basketball player competitive.

To run across the field, you need to build endurance. Even if you’ve mastered basic skills like dribbling and passing skills, if you suddenly tire after five minutes of running, you won’t be able to keep up with your teammates. The best exercises for building endurance include endurance running, sprinting, or weight training to build muscle.

A power dribble warm-up before each game is also a great way to adjust to the tempo of practice. Do these routines daily to increase your stamina. As muscle mass increases, it will help you become more aggressive in lifting.

How To Get Better At Basketball

5. Improve your shooting motion

You need to take some shooting drills to build the foundation for your shots. The lower body is the starting point for every shot that can score points. Therefore, you need to focus on training and training your lower body.

Start with your toes pointing in the same direction, perpendicular to the rim at first. During training, try to find the most natural position for your body. If you push the arch of your foot into the floor to load your lower body, it will give you strength and stability.

Keep your knees behind your toes and focus on letting energy and power flow from your feet to your hips and buttocks. Finally, hit your toes, knees, hips, and shoulders. Don’t forget to bend your legs after each shot.

You can also use hand-eye coordination to strengthen your shooting arm. To practice at home, stand in front of a mirror without a ball in your hand.

6. Work on your hand alignment while playing

For a consistent ball feel, optimize your hand positioning. It affects the proper spin, feel connection, and controllability you shoot. To find the correct hand position, place the index finger of your dominant hand on the air valve of the ball. You can practice a shooting drill to use the feel of the ball in your hand.

When facing a defensive player, choose a higher release point to make it harder to block them. Keep your wrists and elbows in line with the basket. Extend your arms fully so that your elbows end above your eyes at the shot point.

7. Learn from game tapes and realistic matches

For beginners, watching other basketball players play is a great way to learn. Not just in basketball, but in other sports as well. You can see people playing defense and setting offensive strategies accordingly.

Professional games like nba are Often thrilling but not conducive to learning. They usually focus on individual skills or highlights of players. In contrast, high school and college tournaments use long shot clocks. It is more suited to the way teenagers play.

Monitor and save useful skills to strengthen your offensive and defensive game. You cannot practice defensive drills without the help of other players. So it will be a good way to learn.

How To Get Better At Basketball

Don’t forget to play with the defender

8. Try to create space from a defender

Playing defense is difficult if you practice alone. Most of our drills revolve around attacking and scoring. So how can you master shooting and scoring?

A helpful tip is to watch the feet, hands, and noses of defensive players. This will help you to approximate their position to predict their next move. Make quick decisions and create space with jabs or jumps.

When creating space from a tight defender, you need to achieve three objectives. This includes breaking balance, keeping the ball close, and creating a lane to the basket.

We recommend combining watching the video tutorials below to get the best results.

Final thoughts

Talent is not the determining factor for you to become a great basketball player. Famous stars like Michael Jordan or LeBron James Acquiring skills and applying them flexibly during competition is difficult. Take the time to practice every day and you will quickly notice your progress.

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