Why do basketball players wipe their shoes?

Why do basketball players wipe their shoes?

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in America. Whether for good luck or merely out of habit, athletes have a range of fascinating customs and rituals that they observe. However, cleansing basketball sneakers before a game is one fashion that many people cannot understand.

Basketball players clean the bottoms of their sneakers with a cloth to remove dust and grime. Players occasionally risk losing traction when debris becomes attached to the bottom of their sporting shoes. To improve traction, a player should remove dirt and debris beforehand.

Basketball players’ footwear is crucial since it may impact their performance and assist shield them from harm.

Why Basketball Players Wipe their Shoes

If you’ve ever watched a basketball game and seen why do players wipe their shoes, they want to have clean, non-slip soles before playing. Whatever the quality of a pair of shoes, they will eventually accumulate debris on the bottom, reducing their grip.

Although not all gym floors are made equal, NBA teams play on sleek, smooth court surfaces. This implies that there is a high likelihood that some players may trip and be hurt while they play. They can be seen meticulously washing the bottoms of their shoes before to the game because of this.

On basketball courts, you could also see unique mats that players use to wipe off their shoes before a game. On the surfaces of these mats are distinct coatings of sticky material. When the players step onto these mats, all excess dust and grime are promptly removed from the bottoms of their shoes. In the NBA, Slipp-Nott Mats are popular.

When you think about this routine, you might chuckle a bit. After all, what harm can a little dust possibly cause? On a basketball court, losing traction may be somewhat hazardous for the players. Players can tumble and slip on the such court since it is smooth and slippery if they are not careful.

Why Basketball Players Wipe their Shoes

Basketball players who trip up might collide with other players, start a pileup, or hurt their legs severely. Most players, in any case, cannot afford or choose not to put up with this liability. Therefore, they spend a few moments wiping their shoes.

Traction is Crucial in Basketball Shoes

You will play better on the court if you wear shoes with solid traction. This explains why athletes will go over and above to accomplish the inconceivable and unsanitary task of cleaning their shoes with their hands.

There’s a good possibility you won’t be able to execute most of your skills if you enter the court wearing shoes with a poor grip. Crossing the court gets more complicated. And the anxiety of sliding and getting hurt grows (limiting you from giving your all on the court).

Even with good traction shoes, they can occasionally become slippery for various reasons, the most frequent of which is the presence of dirt and dust on the court.

Players have developed several strategies throughout the years to improve their shoe grip, and cleaning the shoes is one of them.

How Wiping Helps improve Shoe Grip

Your basketball sneakers may be cleaned of dust and filth by simply wiping them. You just clean the bottom of your shoes with your hands to remove the dust.

Do you, however, just blot your hands on the bottom of your shoes?

No, truly…

Soe players may first spit on their hands before applying the spittle on the bottom of their shoes, which also helps to improve the grip. Some people may wipe the perspiration from their forehead and use it to wet the bottom of their shoes.

The improvement of shoe grip is the only objective of all these techniques. The major benefit of employing this specific basketball shoe-boosting technique is that, unlike other techniques, you may do it while still on the floor.

Avoiding Injury on the Court

As we’ve spoken about, basketball players’ safety and performance are substantially impacted by wiping the bottoms of their shoes off since it dramatically increases traction. But when it comes to safety, is it sufficient to rely just on the grip of your shoes? Let’s discuss some strategies for preventing injuries on the basketball floor.

In basketball, injuries to the feet, ankles, and legs seem to occur most frequently. Basketball players frequently sustain injuries such as sprains, ligaments, fractures, etc. To avoid this, remember to remove your shoes before a basketball game. One of the only things that prevent you from slipping and shattering a knee is traction. (Source)

A basketball player must maintain their physical fitness if they wish to stay injury-free. If you’ve ever wondered how NBA players stay so fit, it’s because they maintain a good diet and exercise regimen. By doing that, you’ll maintain the strength of your bones and muscles, preventing any unintended strain or damage.

Ensure that you are appropriately attired for a basketball game. This calls for donning a loose-fitting, comfy attire and a sturdy pair of supporting (and dust-free) shoes. Don’t wear jewelry or chew gum, either (including watches). They are simple to tangle up in a teammate’s clothing and create issues. Gum might cause choking, especially if chewing it while shooting hoops.


Why do basketball players wipe the bottom of their shoes?

They take this precaution to keep their shoes from becoming slick. The same explanation applies to why they sweep the area around the rims. Players need to have a firm hold on the ground, and if their shoes are wet, they will not have adequate traction.

Why do they always wipe the floor in basketball?

Looking at professional basketball courts, you will see the staff continually cleaning the sweat-stained flooring. They do this because their floor is very polished, in which case the slip factor is high enough that water may make it slippery once again.

Why do basketball players rub their soles?

To remove dirt and debris, basketball players clean the bottoms of their sneakers. Players occasionally risk losing traction when debris becomes attached to the bottom of their sporting shoes. A player’s traction and, thus, gameplay are improved by clearing the mud and debris in advance.

Why do volleyball players wipe their shoes?

They do that to give their shoes more traction. Players in basketball and volleyball will use every effort to spin, pivot, and jump higher on the gleaming gym floor. Sweat, water, or even spit can be wiped on the bottom of your shoes to assist produce friction and prevent slippage when it counts.


It’s crucial to remember that scrubbing your shoes won’t help you at the time; they’ll just temporarily increase their traction. Your shoes may have worn out and need to be replaced if you notice that they get slippery most of the time.

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